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March 23th 2019

1. Yesterday, a large number of persons attended our first Business Seminar. It was informative and inspiring. We express gratitude to everyone who attended especially to those who served to make it the success that it was.

2. All the members and attendees of Destiny are encouraged to come early every Sunday to participate in Christian Education. We have a class for everyone. This is a great time to ask questions and share your understanding of the scriptures.
3. Tomorrow we will meet here for Noon- Day prayer. If you are available please join us for this time on intersession.

4. On Tuesday evening we will conclude our study in the book Nehemiah. We are currently at the final chapter. This section promises to be exciting and edifying.

5. Join us in the “Prayer Room” every Thursday from 9pm – 9:30 pm. We will be lifting the needs of the saints. Just Dial 641 715 0724 and enter the code 212938# when prompted and join with other believers in prayer.

6. If you are born again and desire to be water baptized, or if the Lord is leading you to become a member of Destiny Cathedral, please complete an application and leave it with one of our ushers today. Water Baptism will be scheduled in the coming weeks so if you are saved and need to be baptized here is your opportunity. Forms are available at the front desk.

7. Our Ladies will be leading in the service on Sunday March 31th rehearsal will take place immediately after service ends today. This is the final rehearsal for this service.

8. On Wednesday April 3rd Pastor Patrick will be meeting with all department heads at 7:30 pm. All department heads as well as the deacons, are asked to attend this important meeting.

9. Destiny will be launching An Empowerment Initiative to assist people to discover their authentic self as permitted by God. These sessions will be launched on April 27th from 1pm -5pm. This initiative is opened to everyone in our community, both males and females.

10. Our Signs are finally installed and soon we will be scheduling our grand Name change celebration the date tentatively scheduled is May 19th.